Penny Monetti: MS, LPC, NCC, Certified EMDR Practitioner/ CIT & Author

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Penny integrates holistic therapy with evidence-based practices to create a personalized treatment plan with you to fit your personal needs. Her foundational quote is: As a man (or woman) thinks, so he is! Changing the mind’s neural pathways by changing negative thinking patterns restores hope, confidence, and purpose in a person’s life. This is why Penny utilizes EMDR (Eye-movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a gold star treatment recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, the Veterans Administration, the World Health Organization, and many more credible agencies as a Gold Star Treatment to help trauma-affected children, adolescents, and adults discover freedom and growth. Penny has received the highest level of EMDR training; first as an EMDR therapist, then as a Certified EMDR Practitioner, and currently as an EMDR Consultant in Training. She incorporates this specialized training with not only first responders, homicide and terrorism victims, and military personnel and their families, but utilizes EMDR’s positive effects to effectively treat obsessive compulsive disorders, depressive disorders, addictions, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, and anyone who feels stuck in their old ways of thinking wanting to change their negative thinking patterns. Penny is a member of the EMDR International Association and the International Crisis Intervention Stress Foundation. Penny includes her four-legged therapist, Ruffio, into her sessions upon request.

“I have been honored to witness clients’ miraculous growth as they discover their own value, potential, and skills to overcome life’s challenges. I am honored and excited that you are considering me for counseling support as you have decided to make this huge step to gaining a more fulfilling life. In our visits, you will learn to embrace your ‘I am’ voice. I look forward to walking alongside you as you become empowered to live the healthy, purpose-filled, and balanced life that you are meant to live.”

“You may be powerless to change the challenges life has dealt you, but YOU have the power within your mind to change your thought process and choose how to respond positively this day forward.” ~Penny Monetti